s create a fake client who books through the software, and your team members will easily see how the booking software works, and how to navigate through it.

Incentivize training

Training employees on new software is useful. It can increase productivity! It can help your bottom line!

But is it fun?

It can be. You can make it fun – you have the power! You might do a training session followed by a lunch for your team. You can give out gift cards to team members who complete the training. Heck, you could throw a party when everyone is done! Whatever you can do to make what can feel a bit dry into something to look forward to is a very useful approach. The more excited your team is about the training, the better it’s liable to go.

By following all of the above tips, you’ll be much more likely to find success when training your team to use this software. One last tip – if ever you’re struggling with training, focus on the end goal. Once everything is said and done, life will be much easier – both for your team and your customers.